Our Story

The movement for Biblical Womanhood heralded by Ishshah Clothing began in 2016. Owner Leslee Thodi became passionate about the message of Titus chapter two verses three through five while earning her MBA.

"My eyes were opened to the truth that God has a very distinct call for His daughters. It's a glorious call with a high standard of dignity and honor.

The Ishshah brand and community is my network for cultivating my progression in Biblical womanhood. Sharing with and learning from sisters on the path to becoming the best women we can be is what its all about for me."

 Why do we say, "A Movement for Biblical Womanhood is Here!"?

As long as there is a remnant of God's daughters, there will always be a force going against the grain and exhibiting godliness in womanhood.

The brand is for women in pursuit of being dignified, slow to anger, wise, financially responsible, gentle, nurturing, elegant, fearless, and capable. We study, practice, and teach Biblical instruction to grow in these areas.

Our collections develop out of a desire to live and spread the message of God's instructions for women. We are inspired and desire to be inspirational.

Biblical Womanhood Collection: The Flagship collection of Ishshah Clothing. The Biblical Womanhood Collection represents the overall pursuit of being intentional to conform to God's standard for women. The collection was established on Titus chapter two verses three through five.

Proverbs 31 Collection: Devoted to the original message of Proverbs 31. The message is a mother instructing/guiding her son on living uprightly and embracing the proper standard for a woman. Many Proverbs warn about the promiscuous and adulterous woman. Proverbs 31 is the virtuous woman that a mother desires a son to pursue. This collection is dedicated to my son.

 Patient. Prayerful. Preparing. Collection: The Patient. Prayerful. Preparing. Collection is an accompaniment to the devotional written by Leslee Thodi for young girls and women in preparation to be married. The content covers God's call for women and more in-depth for wives. Marriage is a life-long commitment and life partnership. This collection is for ladies who desire to be Patient. Prayerful. and Prepare so that they do not awaken love before the time, Song of Solomon 8:4.

Biblical Motherhood Collection: This collection embraces the journey of motherhood. The journey of nurturing, teaching, loving, and caring for a precious child as a mother is glorious. Everything about the child-bearing and child rearing experience taught in Scripture describes motherhood as an exclusive God-given privilege entrusted to a woman. She alone can bear a child, her body cultivates and produces what is needed to grow and sustain the child during pregnancy as well as nursing. God has displayed miraculous, supernatural power and insight through this powerful ability He gave to women.

~A Movement for Biblical Womanhood is Here!