About Us

About Us

The Brand:

Womanhood God’s way.

Our apparel adds a touch of style and purpose to everyday wear. Comfortable enough for your work inside the home. Fashionable enough to make a statement outside the home. We design with the homemaker in mind, why? because I am one.

We aim to inspire women to be intentional about Biblical Womanhood.

The Blog:

Girl talk about womanhood. Our conversation is about day to day life as a Woman of God.

What to Expect:

*Devotionals and reflections on preparing for marriage, marriage, motherhood, living to please God

*Tips for managing the home

*Ideas and systems to be efficient in practical tasks such as meal planning, laundry, interior design, and more!

The Woman Behind the Brand:

Blogger, musician, wife, mother, woman of God. Ishshah Clothing is an extension of who I am. I infused the brand with my values that I’ve gleaned from Scripture about womanhood. This brand helps me keep pushing to be the best woman I can be. The community keeps me accountable to keep growing as a woman and conforming to Scripture. My mission is to obey the mandate of Titus 2:3-5. Still new to this, but I’m true to this. Let’s glow together!

Your Values. Your Brand. Our Movement.

~A Movement for Biblical Womanhood is Here!