The Mission of Ishshah Clothing

The Word of God is written (spoken) with the reality of the fallen condition of this current world and all the pain and darkness in it. The LORD's instructions and commands teach us how to live as citizens of Heaven. The woman who follows Scriptures teachings and commands naturally or should I say supernaturally, thinks, works, and lives differently than women who do not.

My ministry/business exist because we can not see the world we live in the way God does without His Word. It is through the teachings of Scripture that we learn to value what God values. Loving what God loves and hating what He hates is the daily pursuit of every follower of Christ. I design every product, write every blog post, and send every newsletter to remind you of your unique calling as a daughter of the Most High God.

God is the One who made woman (Ishshah). Your creator has given the instructions for you to experience the most optimal life.

How can you be sure that His plans for your life are the best?

Because He loves you and gave His life to save you from being separated from Him eternally.

Build your womanhood on God's Love.

~A Movement for Biblical Womanhood is Here!