The Heart of Intentional Womanhood

What is the key to becoming a better woman? 

 A woman’s strength and dignity; our poise and our class can be measured by inward attributes that increasingly impact our outward appearance. 

What comes to mind when you think of being the best woman you can be? 

Do you think of appearance-based things such as hairstyles and outfits? Is it achievement-based like better time management, more palatable meals, or financial success? 

The thought of becoming the best woman I can be is naturally accompanied by the desire to be better in one or more areas. There is a bar set higher than where I am that I desire to reach for. 

As I mature in age and grow spiritually, I find women in pursuit of similar goals for themselves. We want to be dignified, slow to anger, wise, financially responsible, gentle, nurturing, elegant, fearless, and capable.  

There is a shift in mindset that moves us away from being attracted to classless behavior and ungodly reputations. We want to be known for our devotion to good which is undeniably rooted in devotion to God. Our fast-paced tendencies of ripping and running aimlessly in pursuit of temporary ambitions transforms into steady efforts to build something worth standing on. Fast food loses its appeal in comparison to the satisfaction of time well spent in the kitchen preparing a meal from start to finish. We become mothers in one way or another participating in the rearing of children and/or influence of our communities to create lasting benefit and progress. 

We learn to quiet our thoughts and hearts so that we can be more effective in our expression. We mature in relationships, partnerships, endeavors, and life as a whole. 

The journey of intentional womanhood is all this and more. Start Here

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Fashion inspiration for women intentional about womanhood God’s Way.

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There is Womanhood and then There is Womanhood God’s Way!

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