Inside-Out Beauty Tip: Train Yourself to be Godly

Inside-Out Beauty Tip: Train Yourself to be Godly

The LORD has used multiple sources to call my attention to the importance of being faithful in the ordinary. We live in a world that emphasizes the extraordinary. Whether it is fame or fortune, the world system measures success on account of abundance. Certain positions and lots in life are seen as greater in significance compared to others simply because more people know about it or are notably impacted by it. For example, a celebrity may be perceived to be successful based on factors such as fame or money. However, the true measure of success is based on righteousness in God’s sight.

I’m continuously reminded of the importance of doing the seemingly small things.

I had to realign my goals and vision for myself to account for me being intentional about the woman I desire to be in my home.

The Scripture that I’m keeping in mind is 1 Tim. 4:7…train yourself to be godly.

All my life I had this pressure to become something/ someone who had a measurable impact through my music, or speaking, or writing. “You’re gonna make it”, “you’re gonna be famous” , “you’re gonna reach the masses”. I’ve heard it, and I’ve aimed to Stewart my gifts well to accomplish all that I should. Yet somehow I feel that my greatest contribution to kingdom of Heaven just might be the one God has given me to raise.

Being my sons Mom is a trust. This work requires me to show up 24/hrs a day, not just ministering a song or preaching a message, but living a Christ-centered life even when I’m exhausted and no one is there to record how I respond to my husband or son. No one except Jesus that is.

When I put things in that perspective, I’m aware of my deep need for Holy Spirit to live through me. I’m in pursuit of a life worth imitating. A life saturated in the truth I teach about following Christ and pursuing womanhood His way. A life filled with discipline in spiritual practices such as prayer, worship, studying the Word, and serving others. A life of physical discipline in exercise and daily task such as laundry, preparing meals, and cleaning my home.

“Above all, set yourself apart as a model of a life nobly lived. With dignity, demonstrate integrity in all that you teach.”‭‭ Titus‬ ‭2‬:‭7‬

I am stirred to work on the home front, to live and model something that proves the Word of God/teachings of Christ to be beautiful.

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