Six Unique Ways to Use Breast Milk

Six Unique Ways to Use Breast Milk

I’m only a few months in to the Mom journey but I’ve come to find out that breast milk can be used for more than just nursing. When my son was a few weeks old I noticed little tiny bumps on his cheeks. My search results on Google pointed me to breast milk face mask. From that point on I made it a habit to see if breast milk could help with whatever issue I faced before trying alternatives. Here is a list of 6 unique ways breast milk can be used for skin care and more!

1. Skin care

As I mentioned I read that breast milk could clear the baby acne I noticed on my sons face. I expressed a few drops and applied it to the tiny bumps for three days. As promised, the bumps cleared right up and I knew for sure God established multiple uses for the milk supply he miraculously allows a mother to produce.

2. Diaper rash

Breast milk heals diaper rash. Considering how well my sons face healed in a few short days, I am not surprised that this nutrient rich liquid can also be applied to diaper rash. Fortunately we haven’t had many diaper rashes, but I’ll try this one out if the opportunity presents itself.

3. Ear infection

Number three on the list is ear infection. The common consensus is applying 3 to 4 drops of breast milk to the infected ear releases the necessary antibiotics to fight infection.

4. Teething

As exciting as it is to know that my son is growing his first tooth, it is evident that the process is not painless. My baby boy is a trooper, he’s strong, but I can see the impact on his temperament as he is more cranky and continuously looking for things to chew. I froze some breast milk and stuck it in a mesh feeder for him to suck on. It works! My son returned to his joyful jolly self after finishing the breast milk popsicle. I highly recommend this one!

5. Bathe Water Enhancement

I add breast milk to my sons bath water to keep his skin healthy. Breast milk is a great moisturizer and provides a protective layer for the skin.

6. Break Up Congestion

No need for saline drops, use breast milk instead. Either express or use a syringe to insert breast milk into the nostrils. Unlike saline drops breast milk has the properties to not only break up congestion but to fight the infection as well. No wonder breast milk is referred to as liquid gold!

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