The Beginning of my Titus Two Journey

The Beginning of my Titus Two Journey


I was finishing up my undergraduate program at Regent University when the LORD revealed the call to womanhood of Titus 2:3-5. I wasn’t married and I didn’t have children but this passage was the seed that started to blossom into Womanhood God’s Way.

I had just returned from a mission trip to Guatemala and the home I stayed in while I visited gave me context for the instruction to be a keeper of the home. My friend I traveled with lived in the states but had a young lady who kept her home while she was away. While we were there the young lady and a few others would come early in the morning. They took care of breakfast, cared for the children, did the laundry, cleaned the home, and dealt with all the in home affairs. The way these ladies took care of the household as their business spoke volumes. It wasn’t just the activities they took care of but it was the posture they took and the role they played. When someone came to the home while the owner of the home was away these ladies were equipped to know how to address inquiries as well as unwanted intrusions. I saw great value in the part they played allowing my Friend to focus on her ministry and mission.

While I was getting my Masters degree I knew my preference was to complete school before getting married and more specifically before having children. It was my preference because I wanted to fill the role I saw those ladies fill within my own home.

When I traveled to South East Asia and Africa I saw similar roles being fulfilled by wives and/or maidservants. It made sense and it worked! 

All that to say Titus 2:3-5 gives perspective on prioritizing the home. Once I understood God’s desire for women to care for their home (we can see a great example of a woman who does this in Proverbs 31:10-31) I could understand the character and nature that women are instructed to have.

The women I saw fulfilling these roles were capable but extremely humble and gentle. When you grow up with the mindset that “popping off” is normal and see it valued in culture, the Titus 2 characteristics seem foreign. Kind, discreet, self-controlled, pure are words that don’t really describe the values I saw in mainstream culture or media.

When I say Womanhood God’s Way, I’m speaking of being intentional to renew our minds and conform to Scriptures instruction for women versus the world’s.

I am amazed by the distinctions and instructions God has given to His daughters. I feel empowered every time I think of the words, “…she shall be called Woman (Ishshah)

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