The Essence of Biblical Womanhood Part Two: The Greater Glory

The Essence of Biblical Womanhood Part Two: The Greater Glory

I’ve been in deep thought and I’ve spent the last few days reflecting on my call as a wife and mother and why I cannot settle for the lesser glory. Let me give that some context with this passage:

“How can you believe? While accepting glory from one another, you don’t seek the glory that comes from the only God.” (John 5:44)

The greater glory is the glory that comes from the only God and not the glory that comes from what is pleasing and acceptable in mans sight.

Ladies we can’t miss it. The commands of Titus 2:3-5 and every other passage about Biblical Womanhood are intended to point to the greater glory.

Biblical Womanhood is a BIG responsibility. Family structure is very important to God. The difference between being a stay at home mom and wife who lives for the greater glory is the “why” for everything that is done. Listen I love my husband and I am very grateful for him. The revelation that God gave me yesterday has really changed my perspective for loving and serving him.

When my husband comes home I desire for him to experience a swift transition from being out in the world to returning to a place where God is exalted. Christ kingdom is built on love. My kindness and service are grounded in a desire to  help refresh my husbands spirit. The meal I prepare and the things I do throughout the evening to serve him are my way of reflecting Christ to him. My motivation comes from a passion for Christ.

When he is away I can best support him by praying for him and making sure when he reaches out to me throughout the day he is reminded to pursue the greater glory. I want Christ to be his boast not the blessings God gives. There is a distinction between simply growing in traditions associated with womanhood versus practicing womanhood unto the glory of Christ.

Why do you cook? Why do you do laundry? Why do you do the things you do for your husband and children? Is it about them? Is it about being able to talk about it amongst your friends? Or do you have a burning desire to please God?

When I look at the command for women to love their husbands and children coupled with the commands for children and husbands to conduct themselves in a manner that honors God, I’m reminded that what we do is not simply for the sake of ourselves and each other. Our lives aligning with the Word of God is apart of His kingdom coming and His will being done. I want my husband to be good to us as his family not just because I will benefit from it, no, I want his life to reflect the glory of obedience to Christ commands. Our “why” matters. Let your “why” be Christ.

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