What is the most essential aspect of Biblical Womanhood? Hint: It’s not Marriage or Motherhood.

What is the most essential aspect of Biblical Womanhood? Hint: It’s not Marriage or Motherhood.

The essence of Biblical Womanhood is the glory of becoming like Christ.

Motherhood is a blessing for a woman. It’s not a necessity, though it is a noble privilege. Marriage is a blessing for a woman. It’s not a necessity, though it is a noble privilege.Our greatest desire as women of God must be to become more Christlike.

We must remember that our Heavenly Father is most committed to our sanctification, our conforming to the image of Christ.

Therefore as we pursue Biblical Womanhood let us remember that, the LORD withholds no good thing. The true value of marriage and motherhood is the transformation of character we experience when we submit to Biblical instruction on how to fulfill these roles.

Let the chief desire be Christ. Let the chief pursuit as a godly woman be to honor Him inside and out, in every way and every day.

Be so committed to God’s desire and plan for your life (namely conformity to Christ) that you are able to be content with the possibility that God’s way of shaping you to be a woman of God may not include marriage and/or children. It may be singleness in Christ that will yield the greatest glory of Christlikeness in you. If that be the case rejoice. Let each one be content and delight in their God given call.

I’ll put it in question form to draw out the significance of this perspective.

If you getting married meant you ultimately would live a life being less like Christ than you being single, which would you desire?

We should not be so zealous for specific calls that we lose sight of the most important calling of all.

Also let us remember the Word of God (which is what we define Biblical Womanhood by), refers to singleness and marriage as calls (Matthew 19:11,12; 1 Corinthians 7).

Now I do not neglect that marriage has been a vehicle for sanctifying power in my life.

I remember hearing a woman speaking to her husband in public prior to me getting married. I thought to myself, wow I would never want to speak to my husband that way. Fast forward as few years and I have spoken to my husband in that way. Apart from my marriage I had no idea of my propensity to be so testy, rude, and disrespectful even as a believer. My life as a single in Christ masked certain sinful tendencies because there was not a continuous opportunity to walk in them. It was easy to be quiet and gentle when I felt tested while I was single on the simple basis that I could walk away (hence the importance of community).

In marriage I’ve had to exercise a whole lot more self control than singleness demanded of me. Thus I consider the greatest privilege of my marriage is not waking up with someone beside me and sharing life with someone (relieving me of loneliness). No. The greatest privilege is being able to learn obedience to God through my fellowship and interaction with my husband. I love Harry. We have really great times and lots of laughs (in addition to the tears and other things), but marriage in and of itself would not be nearly as fulfilling if it didn’t draw me closer to the Father and teach me how to love like Jesus.

The same is the case with motherhood, but I’ll save that for another post. The point here is that no matter what we are called to and where we are in that journey, let us seek the kingdom first and all its righteousness. Let the ultimate desire and focal point be loving God and our neighbor. Delight in Him. This is Biblical Womanhood. This is our call ladies. Embrace it and enjoy the journey.

~A Movement for Biblical Womanhood is Here!

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