What Does Building Your Womanhood on God's Love and His Word Mean?

What Does Building Your Womanhood on God's Love and His Word Mean?

Biblical Womanhood is a journey. The beginning of this journey starts with getting free from slavery to sin (Romans 6). The commands God gives for women to live a lifestyle that is free from excessive drinking, slandering, being controlling or manipulative, and every way opposite of His will are impossible without His help. Biblical Womanhood starts with an acknowledgement that the One who created you has a desire for you to make choices that imitate Him and allow you to reflect His character.

Everyday that your actions, thoughts, and speech disobey His commands not only are you falling short of the life He created you to live, but you are also experiencing less satisfaction and success than He created you for.

Let's look at it from this angle:

Jesus reveals to us that the greatest commandment is love. Love God. Love people. 

If you were in a world full of people who obeyed God's commands such as, "Do not murder", "Do not steal", "Do not commit adultery", "Honor your mother and father", "Do not lie", etc. Would you experience the pain, heartbreak, and trauma that you have? No.

We live in a world where people do the opposite of what God commands and the result is not love, peace, and joy, but there is so much hatred and evil even from childhood that we encounter but also practice. 

Now the LORD calls us to a different way. He not only calls us and commands us, but died to pay the penalty for it and desires to take those desires and give us new ones by rebirthing us and then teaching and empowering us to live the right way. When we start there we are ready to live a new life. 

Biblical Womanhood is that new life as a woman following Christ. 

It's time for a continual pursuit of womanhood God's way. Why? Because the LORD created you to experience a rich and satisfying life where your soul is nourished by His love and you can rest in the safety of His promises and protection. 

I'm further along on my intentional womanhood journey than when I first began, but I do not forget the nights I spent living a reckless life or the foolishness of my youth. In fact it is that history that motivates me to follow the Titus 2 to teach younger women as well as learn from older women. 

There is a better way. Is is Womanhood God's Way.

~A Movement for Biblical Womanhood is Here!

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