The Heart of Intentional Womanhood

What is the key to becoming a better woman? 

 A woman’s strength and dignity; our poise and our class can be measured by inward attributes that increasingly impact our outward appearance. 

What comes to mind when you think of being the best woman you can be? 

Do you think of appearance-based things such as hairstyles and outfits? Is it achievement-based like better time management, more palatable meals, or financial success? 

The thought of becoming the best woman I can be is naturally accompanied by the desire to be better in one or more areas. There is a bar set higher than where I am that I desire to reach for. 

As I mature in age and grow spiritually, I find women in pursuit of similar goals for themselves. We want to be dignified, slow to anger, wise, financially responsible, gentle, nurturing, elegant, fearless, and capable.  

There is a shift in mindset that moves us away from being attracted to classless behavior and ungodly reputations. We want to be known for our devotion to good which is undeniably rooted in devotion to God. Our fast-paced tendencies of ripping and running aimlessly in pursuit of temporary ambitions transforms into steady efforts to build something worth standing on. Fast food loses its appeal in comparison to the satisfaction of time well spent in the kitchen preparing a meal from start to finish. We become mothers in one way or another participating in the rearing of children and/or influence of our communities to create lasting benefit and progress. 

We learn to quiet our thoughts and hearts so that we can be more effective in our expression. We mature in relationships, partnerships, endeavors, and life as a whole. 

The journey of intentional womanhood is all this and more. Start Here

28-Day Meal Plan Challenge


Life has been busy lately. I'm a new Mom, wife, manager of a brand, and the list goes on. I haven't been preparing meals consistently the way I desire to. With my schedule I know organization and planning are the key! The 28 Day Meal Plan Challenge is my invitation for you to join me if you want to learn how to meal plan, be more consistent in meal planning, or just want to jump in because you love a good challenge! I'm looking forward to holding myself accountable and would love to hear your thoughts and experience as you take the challenge with me!



Step One
Pick a fitness goal you desire to stick to or already committed to as your fitness goal for the 28 day meal plan. Choose several foods you desire to avoid during your 28 Day Meal Plan Challenge.

Step Two
With your goals in mind, plan out meals including breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the first seven days. Tip: Refer to How to Meal Plan for my tips and step by step approach to meal planning.

Step Three
Fill in each meal for the first seven days on the 28 Day Meal Plan Calendar.

Step Four
Fill in your fitness goals and foods to avoid on the 28 Day Meal Plan Calendar.

Step Five
Optional: Use the Daily Planner to keep you on track with your cooking, fitness, water intake, and other goals.

Step Six
Repeat Steps One through Five for three weeks until your 28 Days are complete!

Download the Free Meal Planning Packet Printable

How to Make Your Biblical Womanhood T-Shirt Look Classy

We'll start with the Black and White Biblical Womanhood V-Neck T-Shirt.

The aim is to create a look that falls in line with our simple elegant fashion style so we will elevate this t-shirt by doing several things:

  • Choose bottom pieces that carry elegance through color and cut
  • Narrow down our accent color to options that will make black look and feel cooler

Building the Basics

The bottoms we selected are white and off white. These bottom pieces carry an elegant tone with a loose fitting yet well cut style that also meet the criteria of being cool enough to wear with black in warmer weather.

Note: The black flowy capris will work as well

Tuck in the Biblical Womanhood T-Shirt

We’ll opt for tucking in the t-shirt and layering our top half to enhance the look.

Two of our layering pieces are both quarter sleeve. One is a classic blazer and the other is a chic white button up. The third option is a black cardigan and the fourth a black vest.

Gotta Love a Good Flat Shoe

Keep the style consistent and comfortable with a good flat. This is your opportunity to make a statement about your unique fashion sense. I’m going with a loafer or a somewhat edgy heel for my choice of shoe.

It’s Time to Accessorize 

 We will throw in a nice handbag and the bracelet or scarf of your choice to complete the look.


The look is complete! Wear it well Ladies.