Proverbs 31: A Mother's Heart for Her Son

Listen, my dear son, son of my womb. You are the answer to my prayers, my son.
Proverbs 31:2

Proverbs 31 Collection

Devoted to the original message of Proverbs 31. The message is a mother instructing/guiding her son on living uprightly and embracing the proper standard for a woman. Many Proverbs warn about the promiscuous and adulterous woman. Proverbs 31 is the virtuous woman that a mother desires a son to pursue. This collection is dedicated to my son.

  • Your Love and Lessons Matter

    How mother's "respond to baby boys and young sons-the manner in which [they] cuddle, kiss, and reassure, teach, comfort, and love-not only determines a young boy's capacity for a healthy emotional start in life but deeply affects a boy's characteristic style of behavior and the development of his brain." -Dr. William Pollack

Proverbs 31:1

"...These are the inspired words my mother taught me."